We are a small team that engages with others in a variety of ways to create new visions for how to grow successful communities.

Strategy & Design
Development Partnerships
Thought Leadership
Strategy & Design

We develop strategies and design models of creative placemaking for cultural projects, districts, and facilities.

Over the last decade, we have worked with small and large cities, major philanthropic initiatives, NGOs and the private sector to develop strategies that create thriving cultural spaces and places by aligning the interests and business models of artists, urban developers, policymakers and communities. We do this through Co-Design - a process bringing together stakeholder input, research, and three decades of operating experience. Once we have assessed the needs and priorities of the community, we develop financial, governance and operating models that will sustain projects over time. From time to time, we also assist on an ongoing basis with implementation.

Development Partnerships

We partner with urban developers, governments and others to create new cultural hubs and districts.

We seek partners whose values align with our own to create projects that benefit local residents and the creative sector while acting as a catalyst for community formation or regeneration. Read more about our Artscape Atelier initiative or about our historic involvement in Toronto's Distillery District to learn more.
Thought Leadership

Artscape has honed its approach to creative placemaking through 30 years-worth of experience and collaboration.

We have helped to build a community of practice around creative placemaking by sharing our knowledge and developing resources that can help other organizations looking to follow Artscape’s lead. We are generally open to speaking more about our work and the potential of creative placemaking at events or conferences.
Over the past ten years, Artscape has also compiled and curated its knowledge of creative placemaking. Through this site, Artscape’s Creative Placemaking Lab offers resources that are  rich with practical know-how and insights about the process of developing a creative space or facility, including invaluable tools and information packed into useful templates, guides and project case studies for  cultural practitioners engaged in their own ambitious projects. Here are some key resources:

Case Studies

Detailed case studies of Artscape projects (available in HTML and issuu formats). As you scroll through the case studies you will find links to interviews, archival materials, and foundational project work such as feasibility studies, business plans, calls for proposals, etc.

Templates & Examples

Of key project development and operations documents (RFPs, REOIs, budgets, feasibility studies, project assessments, tenant charter, commercial sublease, tenant handbook, etc.)

Guides & Research Publications

Resources to assist in undertaking various aspects of the creative placemaking process, including guides to community engagement, feasibility studies, the components of a design development team, cultural asset mapping, tenant selection, etc. as well as a collection of studies, plans, and reports.


Useful videos on designing for collaboration and building partnerships, as well as interviews with Artspace USA, Project for Public Spaces, 401 Richmond, and Evergreen.

See what the Creative Placemaking Lab has accomplished.